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I am extremely frustrated since i missed the livestream and arrived like 17 minutes late- causing me to leave so i didn't get any spoilers. I still found the podcast (at 12:30) but I really wanted to hang out with you guys ;;

It’s okay, there’s always next time!

rip cecearl ;n;

I’m pretty sure their relationship died before earl was taken?

Was this episode kind of "meh" for you? It was for me, like nothing actually happened, other than Cecil being jealous of Doug. Also how is Katie?

No I think a lot happened! I mean we’re starting to see what really happens to the mayors, I mean they just totally broke Dana. Pamela probably also started the same way, with her own ideas and proposals and now she’s just kind of unstable..

Also we learned more about the army, the horoscopes were great and we got to hear Carlos a lot more! I liked it :3

Katie is a little sad right now because we’re also away from each other. I miss her

(Pt.3) Finally, the Kevin-bird was too weak to fly. It fell to a little spot on the cracked earth, its song so sweet, happy enough to lift anyone's spirits, as it thought of home. Home as it had been, as it should be, people with their problems and their emotions and their freedom. Him with his freedom. Untouched by the mockery of sunlight that had stolen everything. And with one last burst of beautiful song, the bird perished, blood dampening the soil, the elements making quick work of him.


(Pt. 2) When the light subsided a bit, there was no hollow-eyed smiling man, but a little yellow bird, like a long-legged canary. It had the same voids for eyes, and twittered in a pleasant tune, though it was obviously miserable. Beating its wings, the Kevin-bird flew over the desert, sadly twittering its joyful song, looking for water, for seed, but was left parched and hungry, its tweets growing sweeter and happier as it suffered further.

Oh no no why

(Pt. 1) You Have Failed Me." The voice was an androgynous booming whisper, and Kevin trembled, smiling so wide it hurt, tears of blood pouring from the voids that were his eyes. "I'm sorry, My Lord. I did try to serve you as best I could. It really wasn't my fault if my superior, bless her tender heart, was a complete moron." "Silence. That Is Unkind. You Displease Me Further, Kevin. Rejoyce In Your Punishment And Despair." And the radio host was suddenly bathed in blinding, burning light.

o no

But, also, if Earl is Aries (Earlies?), then what do we make of tonight's horoscope? "I think they saw you, Aries. Hold still. They cannot see you if you do not move. Shhhh. Don't move. Don't move. Don't - nope, they saw you. So long, Aries."

Hes describing the relationship between the patrons and the chefs

Well, I think we can tell from the nature of the message that Desert Bluffs is still corrupted- if that's so, I'd say the Smiling God is still very much a thing. A thing that is probably very upset at having its major agent torn apart and bought out by upstart rich nude angels. A thing that is probably rising in the Otherworld to ruin everyone's day. I'd say that's what the rumbling probably is.


Where do you think the rumbling came from?

Desert Bluffs. What was up with their passive aggressive message?

Would anyone be gemini?

Gemini, you will meet someone today who will have no effect on your life, and who you will immediately forget. Retain hope for a possible future.

Gemini: Some people believe in aliens, but other people are aliens using mind control. Don’t forget who you are, gemini.

Idk, that doesn’t really say much to me. What do you think?

"To seduce an Aquarius man Aries should play it cool and somewhat detached." Play it cool, Early bird. Play it cool.

He is, he’s just over there, doing his chef thing and not calling

Soooo any headcanons for Doug yet?

What if he’s the traveler?

Teri: Carlos: ¬ u ¬ I'll come home just as soon as I figure out why my shoelaces look shorter than normal. Cecil: BUHUHUHUHU WHY
Neat Babe: Carlos: Cecil I found the door but LOOK A DOG WITH A FLUFFY TAIL *runs in the opposite direction*
Teri: Carlos: ID Don't worry, I only love you. Cecil: I3 Say, Carlos? Do you happen to know what Doug's birthday is? >:3 *weeks later* v u v Leo: If you ever so much as look at my boyfriend for more than 5 seconds, I will reign down upon you a fire that can never be put out. You will BURN FOREVER. The stars want you to know this. ID It's very important that you HEED THIS MESSAGE FROM THE STARS.
Neat Babe: LOL
Teri: Carlos: :D I'm coming ho—Oh! A piece of candy! Ooh! Piece of candy! Ooh! Piece of candy!
Also, Taurus/Aquarius love compatibility: "When Taurus and Aquarius come together, they can move mountains — if they can figure out how to coordinate their efforts." WHOMP WHOMP.


This is hilarious because Scienceandstrex is a Virgo

omg really??