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By the way, has anybody recommended Barricade by Stars as a sad love song for Kevin/Diego?

And what about Barricade by Interpol?

Oh my God I just imagined Diego singing the full version of "Gold" from Repo.


My headcanon for Ciego is that each wants something from the other that they can't get from their partner. Cecil like to be treated roughly sometimes, and Carlos is too sweet to do so. Diego wants to hurt Kevin sometimes, and can't bring himself to do it. So...

Oh I love that, that’s hot. I should draw more of this ship

Hi! So I'm a developing artist, and to develop my art style I've decided to give myself a sort of challenge. I found that I didn't really have a distinct art style, so I've decided to study my favorite artists work as a way to further my own. I'm sending this to ask your permission to post my drawings of your art, it's basically eye to pencil copying. If you say no, I will happily keep it to myself. Thank you! :)

Sure, that sounds cool. Good luck!


"I tried to get a table for… for just one, of course."

"His Kevin and his company..." - but what if it was "or"? Which would Diego actually pick, if forced to choose?



Diego would choose Kevin. His siblings can worry about the company.

But Diego was created to be the perfect CEO….. wouldn’t genetic engineering override emotion? I feel like as much as he loves Kevin his mind would literally not let him choose anything over the company, like in the first Bioshock. Which would lead to a struggle to free himself from strex so that he and Kevin could be together again. Which sounds like an awesome fic…. do I dare attempt to write my first fic? I don’t know…..



wait mark is supposed to be DB marcus vansten I got it now I'm slow

Right c:

Don't stop by Innerpartysystem reminds me of Diago

This is one of my favorite music videos ever

Mark refuses to shower without at least a shirt and boxers. Half of the time even more then that.

Mark showering with a full suit on

What if scout Earl is DB Earl, and he was just such a good double he never was detected. Chef Earl is the NV Earl.

Wait, but he was in the scouts with Cecil

Mark cries like a weenie any time he has to change clothes. Fact.




Even when he’s alone.

This actually makes me a little sad though?

(“DONT’T LOOK AT ME I’M HIDEOUS!” *Weeps as he washes his gorgeous, godlike body*)

yeah but what if the chef earl is just earl's double...

Well, then he would belong in Desert Bluffs, right?

Not gonna lie I didn't figure out everybody but I thought Diego would be the Devil, Steve the mourning father, Kevin would be the Greaser, and Lauren Mallard would be that thief with the fur coat.

I like that it’s all strexcorp people and steve

Mark cries like a weenie any time he has to change clothes. Fact.

Even when he’s alone.

Headcanon that you're Megan Wallaby's computer and you're slowly taking over the world.

No. Not me. ever.